Bad Ideas

from Trash World by Supercommuter

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This is my life. It’s psycho collectibles,
bobbleheads and bad ideas.

Cyberman. Ergonomic.
Internet. Surfing on it.
Still skateboarding. And my jumpshot?
Working on it.
IPA? Slurping on it.
Twitterverse? Lurking on it.
Spit a verse? Gee whittakers!
I’m resurrected. I’m cyphertronic.
I’m driving down 405 with about nine notebooks by my side
with a beat by Stenobot in the 8 Track.
(Seattleite hipsters hate that.)
See me? I go way back.
Name a club in the city and I bet that I played that.
Not saying that I’m old as dirt.
Just saying that I’ve done my work.
Tron Juan—mastodon. Tune that up and then pass it on.
I spend my time at the Tot Lot. With a bag of snacks and what not.
With a can of Coke and Pop Rocks.
Dad of the Year—chug a beer with a stopwatch.
You can bring them Sonics back, but me?
I just really miss Sasquatch.
Hands-down, the league’s best mascot.
What? You’ve never seen an MC that acts like me?
Playing Pokémon with a Baby Bjorn and a purple ascot.
Ha, this is my life. 40 years old with a trophy wife.
I know my portfolio. Gonna rain on the day I die.
That’s fine. Expected. My role in the world accepted.
I’m rich in America.
Caucasian in America.
I won the Lotto. Pop the bottle. Let’s celebrate in America.
My life? Sharknado.
My diet? No mayo. No gluten. No dairy. No GMO.
It’s just kale.
My kids? They’re Amish—it’s the best way to explain it.
They’re unvaccinated and play with yarn for entertainment.
I’m far gone. Far left. I’ve been rapping so long, I’m half deaf.
But I’m here now, in the moment.
My oddness? I own it.
My ability to rock the mic with the best in the business?
I’ve shown it.
I’m a hobbyist and you know it. King County? We grow it.
You see me getting beat down and you’re holding the towel?
Don’t throw it.

This is my life. It’s psycho collectibles,
bobbleheads and bad ideas.
This is my life, it’s side dishes, vegetables,
bad reception, low-class beers.


from Trash World, released June 1, 2018
Vocals by Wheelie Cyberman, Erin Austin, Stenobot
Lyrics by Wheelie Cyberman
Written and performed by Supercommuter
Produced by Tron Juan and Frank Ciampi


all rights reserved




Stenobot composes beats on a Game Boy. Wheelie Cyberman adds words. Tron Juan puts it all together.

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