It Is Splendid!

from by Supercommuter

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Ah man, why’d they pick me?
I don’t want to do it, take a look. Does it seem
That I think that I gotta prove anything?
I don’t want to see another galaxy.
I know how they treat these pilots.
Low-end air and too much mileage.
When you land, gotta avoid violence.
Man, I’m annoyed. Do I really gotta try this?
Yeah? Well I’ll say goodbye this
Isn’t what I wanted, but I’ll act excited.
Hey everybody, look at me, I’m invited!
Oprah Winfrey? Oh, I’m delighted!
Another head of a celebrity sighted
Floating by, saying Hi to the pilots.
Why fight it? I’m all in.
Bon voyage, ‘till we meet again.
Now it’s time for final preppin’.
Shave my head, get a government weapon.
Catheter inserted, strechin’.
Meet with the father for the last confession.
Hmmmm. We you know I cheated.
Some things that I did weren’t needed.
Had my way with a [XXXXX] deleted.
He said, “OK. Please be seated.”

I am piloting my life.
Where am I going? I find
That I’m assuming that I’ll
Just be commuting. Meahwhile…

Ah man, this ship’s older than dirt.
The AC doesn’t even work.
Fight off panic. Call the mechanic.
This seat’s busted. My back hurts!
Hold up now, the ship you showed me
On TV shined like a trophy
Plus there’s one thing no one told me.
One detail—where the hell are we going?
Ha, they slammed the door.
I heard a click, and then not much more.
Felt my feet stick to the floor.
Autopilot? What do you need me for?
BAM. Like a super nova.
Overdrive mode, flow to the lower
Stratosphere, then I don’t go slower.
Didn’t they hear that I know Oprah?
Well, no second chances.
Hear the ship shake as the trip advances.
My stance is I’ll be glad to live
If I ever set foot off this ship.
I swear that I’ll never take a trip again.
And I’ll settle down and start wearing cardigans.
And I’ll kiss the ground and I’ll like the dirt
And I’ll slowly make sweet love to Earth.

I am piloting my life.
Where am I going? I find
That I’m assuming that I’ll
Just be commuting. Meahwhile…

See another galaxy.
Live a dream. A fantasy.
Take a path of piloting.
Go to the black.
It is Splendid.

Find another point of view.
Do what other people do.
It’ll make a better you.
Go to the black.
It is Splendid.

Ah man, propaganda like that
got me programmed and strapped
To an ancient ship on a trip that had to be doomed
from the moment they asked me to pack.
Console cracked. Warp drive rattling.
Battling my own mind unraveling.
They got me with deceit and flattering.
Guess it doesn’t matter now, look who’s traveling!
I sit back for the journey.
Hope this trembling ship is sturdy.
Know I’m slow but I am learning
Pay a lotta dough and get a better attorney.
No. I don’t want to seem pessimistic.
Only one life and I know I risked it.
I know that I should’ve stepped up, insisted.
Had my chance, but I lost it, I missed it!

Me I see that they want to be
on the edge of humanity
Beyond that just to be the first.
Well it’s not so bad—it could really be worse!

I am piloting my life.
Where am I going? I find
That I’m assuming that I’ll
Just be commuting. Meanwhile…


from Products of Science, released August 16, 2011


all rights reserved



Supercommuter Seattle, Washington

100% of Supercommuter’s music is written while creeping along State Road 520, in the peak moments of rush hour traffic in the Pacific Northwest. Stenobot composes beats on a classic Game Boy while nestled in the comfort of a King County Metro bus. Optimus Rhyme’s Wheelie Cyberman adds words while piloting a Prius toward an ever-present ergonomic chair. Tron Juan pieces it all together. ... more

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